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If you are a group of stags who intend to learn more about the British culture, you must head to Cardiff. This is the city that offers exquisite British wines, English dishes, and endless options for stags that yearn for the high-class drinking establishments. To spice up the stag-do weekend are classes on how to prepare your own signature cocktails and many other dishes too. Cardiff’s nightlife offers amazing pubs and the best ambiance for relaxation. It is a good destination when you love fun but need some time to cool off when evening comes. For the stags, the day time experience is boosted by a trip to the best art galleries and historical sites.


However, the capital of Wales will also offer much more than just fancy cocktails, you and the lads can always get the best sea cruise experience in Cardiff Bay. On top of the best bars and restaurants you will get all manner of top culinary delights and a moment to shop along the St. David’s Centre. Remember to take the lads to the St. Marys Street courtyard where you’ll have the best nightlife experiences of all time.


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  • Good food