If the guys love a competitive indoor game to work with, I suggest opting for bowling. It can be tough and hilarious. You will compete against each other and watch as your mates miss every single pin. The rule is simple: the person who bowls and hits all the pins on the other end wins. If you don’t, you will have a second chance to knock any remaining pins down. Beat your mates and win with the highest score. There are the bragging rights to bowl for, but if you lose the game, you will have to buy the booze. It’s your choice to make the game more interesting with as many crazy ideas as you can. The loser buys the drinks, forfeits the next game, dances in public, or carries everyone’s belongings on the way back.

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Why Us

We organize our bowling games in the best venues. The places are safe, and we will give you professional sportsmen to work with. We will drop you to the bowling center and pick you up when the fun is done. No hassle with the heavy traffic.

What to Expect

  • Briefing about the game
  • Different bowling alleys
  • New friends and acquaintances

Having been the people’s favorite national institution in the ’90s, The Crystal Maze has one of the largest groups of followers. Thanks to its numerous fun challenges and the nail-biting ending, it is an epic activity that marks the best of every stag weekend.

For the groups seeking something out of the ordinary with a throwback twist, the Crystal Maze Experience is the way to go. The originality of Richard O’Brien in the crystal maze, as presented by our own host, will blow you away.