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Personal Data

How we process personal information

Please note that Out Out Entry is a limited company and will only use your data in compliant with the below and GDPR. 

This is how Out Out Entry processes personal information

  1. We process personal information about our customers as a natural part of Out Out Entry’s activities and marketing. It is Out Out Entry’s policy to be open about how we process such information and to only process such data as is deemed necessary for marketing and only with the express consent of the data subject.

    B. Out Out Entry collects, stores and processes information regarding names, addresses, photos, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth once consent by the data subject has been given.

  2. C. The information is used by Out Out Entry to give its customers the best possible information regarding activities and offers in the site to which they have signed up their details for. 

    D. Out Out Entry attaches importance to the fact that all personal information is kept confidential, and that the information can only be processed by employees who have received training in how the personal information is to be processed to avoid the information being deleted or it getting into the wrong hands.

    E. As a member of Out Out Entry database, you will receive a range of worthwhile offers and benefits from Out Out Entry collaboration partners via Out Out Entry. Out Out Entry collaborates primarily with businesses within the fields of Night Clubs , Late-Night Venue promotions, Restaurants, Hotels and Tour operator specific companies. Our list of Out Out Entry collaboration partners are currently:

  • Design My Night

  • Wix

  • Go Daddy

All partners have been checked and verified as following GDPR standards to protect subject data.

  1. You can unsubscribe at any time by contacting info@localhost

  1. In addition you have the right to be forgotten by contacting info@localhost. In which case all your data will be permanently removed from the data base and you will be informed when it is completed.

    H. Out Out Entry guarantees that it updates the stored information as necessary, so that the personal information is not kept for longer than necessary. When a membership is cancelled, all the relevant information for the customer in question will be deleted.

  1. I. Out Out Entry members are entitled to see what information Out Out Entry processes about them and for which purpose the information is processed. Members are also entitled to object to the information being processed and have the right to request rectification, deletion or blocking of information which is incorrect, misleading or in a similar way is being processed in contravention of the law. Members who want to make use of these rights can contact Out Out Entry at

We will give you the chance to refuse any marketing e-mail from us in the future by unsubscribing from eflyers or SMSs.Links This website contains links to other websites. We’re not responsible for the privacy practises of these websites and you should read their own privacy policies. The privacy policy described here, applies only to personal data collected by Out Out Entry.

Unfortunately, data transmission over the internet is not guaranteed to be 100% secure, but we do take appropriate steps to protect the security of your personal data.

Inaccuracies and Corrections

We make every effort to keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date. If you become aware of errors or inaccuracies, please email

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