The bows and arrows have been of immense importance ever since the universe came to be. Man has used it to forge kingdoms, put a meal on the table, and to determine the warriors from the chaff too. Centuries have gone by, but much still is unchanged. While the use of the arrow and bow is no longer in the battlefront, the two have found their own way to the heart of the games. You don’t have to be Robin Hood, but you and your lads can compete for the title of the best archer. Hit the bull’s eye and show your mates that you’ve got what it takes to be the best marksman. You can split their arrows into two, hit five targets at a go, and become the William Tell of the day. You and your lads will have more simple challenges than a fanciful and which give you enough time to enjoy and also to sharpen your bowing skills.

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Why Us

We have prepared the best archers to instruct you. They will allow you to play within the gaming rules and have acceptable targets to go with. There will also be a set of safety rules and an instructional brief before you can begin.

What to Expect

  • Set of gaming equipment 
  • Initial brief on the rules 
  • Different targets to aim at
  • Professional archers to help

Having been the people’s favorite national institution in the ’90s, The Crystal Maze has one of the largest groups of followers. Thanks to its numerous fun challenges and the nail-biting ending, it is an epic activity that marks the best of every stag weekend.

For the groups seeking something out of the ordinary with a throwback twist, the Crystal Maze Experience is the way to go. The originality of Richard O’Brien in the crystal maze, as presented by our own host, will blow you away.