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Alcotraz Bring Your OWN

Alcotraz is for the stags that can’t get enough of the boozing experience. You will get into the Alcotraz prison, where the booze never dries up. Alcotraz will be an immersive and theatrical experience for cocktail lovers.
The experience will get you and your group behind bars. You’ll each get your very own jumpsuit to wear and have the time to explore life as a real-time inmate.
Inside the Alcotraz prison, you’ll get to enjoy personalized cocktails that will be prepared by our inmate mixologists.
You and the boys will have all the mixers for your cocktails that you need, from liqueurs, mixers, to bitters and syrups, the choice will never end.
The experience is unique, and you’ll get the chance to have nonstop fun with the lads. It’ll be epic and memorable.
Why Us
Our Alcotraz Bring Your OWN stag-do we’ll give you the best cocktail flavours. We’ll also give you a chance to bring your own bottle of your favourite spirit to smuggle past the prison warden. There will be a guard to help you in Alcotraz!


The bows and arrows have been of immense importance ever since the universe came to be. Man has used it to forge kingdoms, put a meal on the table, and to determine the warriors from the chaff too.
Centuries have gone by, but much still is unchanged. While the use of the arrow and bow is no longer in the battlefront, the two have found their own way to the heart of the games.
You don’t have to be Robin Hood, but you and your lads can compete for the title of the best archer.
Hit the bull’s eye and show your mates that you’ve got what it takes to be the best marksman. You can split their arrows into two, hit five targets at a go, and become the William Tell of the day.
You and your lads will have more simple challenges than a fanciful and which give you enough time to enjoy and also to sharpen your bowing skills.
Why Us
We have prepared the best archers to instruct you. They will allow you to play within the gaming rules and have acceptable targets to go with. There will also be a set of safety rules and an instructional brief before you can begin.

Assault Course

I’m sure you will have come across an assault course back in your younger days. But even if you didn’t, this is your time to experience the thrill of one.
An assault course is a special trail that will combine both running and other exercises that can be quite challenging.
Some of the workouts in an assault course will require you to run through mud or walk across high poles, rope, or bridges.
The course comes with different challenges at different venues that you must tackle and overcome before you can actually proceed to the next. The best part of the game is that you can help your mates if you choose to.
Assault courses are regularly chosen by the military as a method of boosting their fitness and team-work. It is also a great way of giving that self-confidence a boost.
Why Us
We have the best assault course for you and your pals. Our instructors are great and will walk all the way through with you. At the end of it, you will have toned down those beer bellies a little for better health.

Battle Archery

If you love to mix things up a bit, then you don’t have to restrict yourself to the bow and arrow. Instead, you can calm your thirst with some Xtreme Archery. This is what the real stags do for a stag weekend.
This is a game that combines bow and arrow and also drags in a little dodgeball. It is one of the latest sports and, the best if you want to boost the morale of the lads.
This is ideal for the lads that want to engage in the adrenaline-packed sporting weekend with the groom.
You will be put in teams and set in specially designed bunkers with every team getting five bunkers. Each bunker has a number of target cones that are placed in front of the bunker.
The cones contain a ball, and you will score points by shooting at each other with specially designed arrows.
Why Us
Before you get down to the game, you will be given the safety briefing with our experienced instructors. You will also be provided with the necessary safety gear and equipment and then split into teams. Now you can face off across the multiple purpose-built fields.

Beer Bike

The perfect combination, alcohol and exercise. A great chance to chat with your group and do something out of the ordinary.
You’ll quickly become comfortable in pedalling along and quenching your thirst at the same time. By far the coolest way to see all that a new, or tried and tested favourite, place has to offer you.
It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular stag weekend activities. There’ll be no rush, you can take your time and keep the beer tap open.
Why Us
A fantastic chance to hang out with the lads and enjoy beer, cycling and a bit of interesting information about the city, taking your mind off of all upcoming events.
The on- board chauffeur will be guiding you along, leaving you to enjoy the sights and drinking without worry of where you’re going.
Let the beer, and laughter, flow freely as you cruise along with the best seat at the bar.

Bottomless Brunch

Seeking excitement has never been so easy for stags visiting a new place, having the best bottomless brunch experiences will be an easy option to guarantee fun.
Bottomless brunch is the best weekend ritual for the lads who’ll be craving that experience with a difference during the summer. Find your perfect destination in fantastic locations that you’ll enjoy with the lads.
Sure, you’ll want the very best pancakes, the perfect scrambled eggs and bacon, or even the classic full works, that’s true, but you’ll be experiencing so much more, not just a stag-sized brunch to cure hangovers that’s the best breakfast around the UK.
Why Us
Our bottomless brunch experience is epic. You’ll have the choice of many beautiful places to visit and great dishes to enjoy. The itinerary won’t be limited to the city of your destination alone. There’ll be new places to go and lots of things to see and do.
You’ll have more than just a single bottomless brunch experience, you’ll have fun, good food, and a great time.


If the guys love a competitive indoor game to work with, I suggest opting for bowling. It can be tough and hilarious. You will compete against each other and watch as your mates miss every single pin.
The rule is simple: the person who bowls and hits all the pins on the other end wins. If you don’t, you will have a second chance to knock any remaining pins down.
Beat your mates and win with the highest score. There are the bragging rights to bowl for, but if you lose the game, you will have to buy the booze.
It’s your choice to make the game more interesting with as many crazy ideas as you can. The loser buys the drinks, forfeits the next game, dances in public, or carries everyone’s belongings on the way back.
Why Us
We organize our bowling games in the best venues. The places are safe, and we will give you professional sportsmen to work with. We will drop you to the bowling center and pick you up when the fun is done. No hassle with the heavy traffic.

Brewery Tour

A great stag weekend won’t last long if you don’t have plenty of drinks to last you through. Drinks are the social accompaniment for every party occasion that you will step into. But what if you were given a chance to get it right from its source?
Brewery tour gives you that chance. You and the lads will have the chance to tour the beer brewery and see for yourselves how that awesome drink is made. You will be taken through the whole beer-making process.
You will learn more about the drink, how its raw materials are harnessed, through to the point of production. Even better, you will be given free drinks. You won’t have to pay a penny, but you will taste that fresh drink whenever you want.
Why Us
This is a cool experience for you and your friends as you get to interact with your drink from its source. It will be a great way to pass the time, gain more knowledge about the beer, and get your tummies boozed up before you leave the plant. Remember to ask every question that you can think of.

Bubble Football

Bubble Football is the perfect activity if you are looking for something fun and sporty. It’s a five-a-side football that’s fun to play and will give you and your friends a chance to get competitive.
You’ll run, bump into your mates and send them rolling on the ground. The fun never stops. It is epic to play and simple to understand.
Why Us
The perfectly light- hearted game for your and your friends. You’ll wear a large bubble ball that covers the entire upper body. With the bubble ball on, you’re free to run around, chase the ball and charge into one another.
The fall is soft but once hit, you’ll certainly struggle to get back up – that’s the fun of it all. For the stags that want to put their skills to the test and have a laugh while doing so, this is the place to be.
Bubble football is the game of choice for a fun afternoon with your friends, putting a twist on the much loved game of football. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable this straightforward game is.


Canyoning is the exploration of canyons. A canyon is a deep cleft that forms between embankments or cliffs. A canyon is often created by continuous erosion by a river that occurs over time.
The UK has some of the best natural canyons. So, to go canyoning on a stag weekend will be a cool way to start or to close your stag do weekend.
Canyoning in the UK involves the traveling and exploration of canyons using several techniques that’ll include many outdoor-related activities like walking, climbing, scrambling, jumping, abseiling and swimming.
This experience will be epic when you are all together, you’ll get the chance to work as a team and develop some of the best survival skills, you will also have assistance and advice given.
Why Us
Our canyoning experience is tailored to suit you and the lads. You’ll have the best guides, destinations, and gear. The canyoning gear that you’ll get include the climbing hardware and static or semi-static ropes. There will be helmets, specially designed shoes, wetsuits, and rope bags.

Casino Entry

If you love to hit the casinos and play poker, then our casino entry stag do plan will suit you. We have the passes to all the top-rated casinos in every stag do destination that we will take you to.
We will give you the best reservations, and you will have the game of your life. From Russian roulette to simple poker, the game possibilities are endless.
You can play bingo and tons of other top choice games for the most exciting times. Get the boys up to speed, and don’t miss out on hitting the jackpot.
It is time to hit the best of the best casinos and play with celebrities. Just take your pick of casino from our list, and you will be there in no time.
Why Us
We will give you a reservation that suits you and the boys. We will also drop you off and pick you up. More importantly, we have several casinos to choose from and try out on our list. So, in a nutshell, we give you the best.

Clay Pigeon Shooting

We call this a befitting stag weekend for the lads that want a taste of British culture. It is an awesome way to welcome every stag to a weekend to remember.
What’s clay pigeon shooting? It’s the best way to stand in a large free zone – a field, raise your gun and fire until you have polished your shooting skills.
There are no pigeons involved, rather, a group of flying objects that you will aim at, miss a few times, and shoot at until you get your skills in line.
The adrenaline is real, and the bragging rights await too. So, cock, pull and shoot, I hope you don’t miss.
Why Us
Clay pigeon shooting, also known as the Inanimate Bird Shooting, is no doubt a game for the lads. With guns blazing, you need instructors that understand the game.
We have the best instructors, licensed firearm handlers. They are friendly and will be willing to help you learn the ropes.
Learn how to keep that short gun firmly buried under your shoulder and avoid the kickback. It is time to work with the best.


For those that aren’t too familiar with coast steering, you don’t have to worry. Coast steering is one of the best adventure sports that you will find when you come for your stag weekend. It is an adventure sport that’ll give you the best sea level traversing, rock climbing, and cliff jumping experience.
You and the lads will swim into epic sea caves and reefs. Coast steering has been around for a while, in fact, it is has existed since marine amusement was first discovered. Over the years, the activity has grown and is now very popular and a firm favourite among the summer stag parties.
You won’t have to worry about a thing, there will be plenty of help available to assist you so you can enjoy every moment.
Why Us
No matter the time of year, coast steering is still awesome around the UK. Wetsuits work for this activity, which will keep you warm even on the chilly days. Our coast steering stag do weekend is a guarantee that everyone will have an incredible time. You could even try at one of the best destinations in Newquay.

Dinner Reservation

You can choose from some of the hottest restaurants for dinner reservations in town and skip the long queues to satisfy your taste buds. We’ll have you covered with the best dinner reservation to suit you and your friends.
There are options to suit every kind of taste and planning ahead enables you to rest easy in the knowledge that it’s all taken care of.
All you’ll need to do is pick the place and time, we’ll do the rest. We choose the best of the best, the nicest restaurants serving the tastiest food.
Why Us
We will reserve for you the best tables in the most sophisticated hotels. All you will have to do is give your name, and you will be shown to your table. We also understand the best local cuisines that you should try. We will give you an idea to go with.
It’s hard to get a table for a large group. But we have you sorted. We’re determined to make your stag weekend as enjoyable as possible.


Dodgeball is another brilliant stag-do activity that you and your party will love. The game will be set indoors in a discreet room. You and the lads will dress up in various costumes and form two groups.
The groups will come against each other with balls thrown from one corner to the next. The parties will dodge the ball, and anyone that the ball hits will be given random activities to perform.
Dodgeball will give you an epic time with your lads. You will have unplanned fun activities and excellent bonding time. You will also have the time to throw in the groom and give him the thrill of a lifetime.

Why Us
Dodgeball is one of the best events for stag parties. Our Dodgeball stag do activity is tailored to private venues to ensure you will get the best VIP treatment irrespective of the stag do destination that you choose.
The fabulous instructors will brief you on how the games are played and what rules apply. If you are looking for something super fun, this is sure to make your stag do weekend just that.

Escape Room Challenge

Have you ever been trapped, captured, or locked out? Well, you will be in the escape room challenge. You and the lads will have a cool night to enjoy before the room turns misty with no place to run to.
The door and the window will be locked up, and an open door leads to many more rooms. You will be given simple clues to help you to figure your way out but you have to work together to get free.
How good are you? Get your clues together and lead the lads out of the room before it is too late. The game is real and entertaining. This is the closest you will get to real-life captivity.
It is awesome and you will even compete with another group. The faster you work, the better, as you will be competing with time.
Why Us
The escape room challenge that we organize is real. It has the real touch of being locked in and can give you the creeps too. You will feel the urge to escape and the desire to beat any competing groups.

Foot Darts

Foot Darts is another excellent game for any stag do weekend. A combination of football and the British pub classic. You and the lads will be shooting at giant inflatable, Velcro, dartboards. Think penalty shootout meets darts, Velcro targets and balls, even the worst footballer can’t miss, a must do activity.
The targets resemble the regular Dart boards only much larger. The boards will give you the chance to build up points just like you would in a game of darts. From doubles, triples, and bullseye, you and the lads will have the chance to test your accuracy.
It wouldn’t be a competition without winners and losers. Winners will have their names engraved in history books while the losers will face hefty shots.
Why Us
Our foot darts game will not disappoint. You will have a coordinator to help you with the organization of the game. The coordinator will lay down the rules and help you to understand the game, there will also be other games to keep things interesting:
Highest Score
Closest to Bully
Dizzy Bully
Bully Dodge
Your coordinator will explain the rules for each foot darts game.

Football Stadium Tour

The game of football is played far and wide. However, in the UK, the game is on a level of its own. Most lads love football so we have no incorporated stadium tours into stag weekend activities.
You will have the chance to meet the hard-working staff and will see where the big matches go down as well as the control rooms from where the games are transmitted to live TV. You and the lads will visit the commentator boxes and get a chance to test your skills.
It is a great way to feel closer to the game you love. The city of Manchester, London, and Liverpool lead the way. We also have other places available, such as Newcastle, Norwich, and many others.
In the UK, almost every city has a football club and a stadium of its own. You’ll love it as you get to experience this enthralling fun firsthand.
Why Us
We have an organized football stadium tour group that you will move around with. We also give you the chance to choose a stadium to visit, depending on your stag do location. Our guides are friendly and also very informed. We will always get you the best available.

Full English Breakfast

It makes no sense to come down to the UK and leave without getting a taste of the local delicacies. Food makes a vital part of every culture around the world. It is the best way to start your exploration of any new culture.
That’s why you’ll need some of the best English cuisines in your UK stag do weekend. Starting with a full English breakfast will be great.
You and the lads will have a taste of some of the best breakfast dishes from the UK, you will have so much to try, eat, and enjoy.
The variety will allow you to go back and forth, and you’ll have the chance to try out several meals over the weekend.
Expert chefs will be at your service. You’ll enjoy private reservations, a floor setting that fits all of you, and great service to accompany it all.
Why Us
Apart from having the full English breakfast, you’ll be given pointers on how to enjoy an English breakfast. You’ll enjoy the culture and live in the moment. English cuisine with the lads will make one of the most enjoyable parts of your stag do weekend.

Geordie Games

Geordie Games originates from Western Europe. It is one of the best cultural events that locals indulged in when they wanted to have fun.
Geordie Games have a simple rule to them and you will have the chance to do numerous activities of your choice in a fun-filled way.
It is mostly done when cooking. You will, for instance, make pies and have the chance to laugh and tease the people around you.
There are kebab shop duels, pie fights, beer runs and Geordie sausages. That’s not all. Remember, there are numerous games that you can go with.
You don’t have to worry, the cooking is serious and what you prepare will be served at the end of the day, so while you are it, make sure that you give it your all.
Why Us
The rule that we set is simple, have a laugh, make some friends, and get your kebab to the table. You don’t want to be the last. The bragging rights are up for grabs. So set the lads loose, and let’s see what they’ve got.

Gin Tasting

Bring your lads to the table of expert mixologists and pour a toast to the awesome stag weekend party and to many more like that.
You will get the most sophisticated gin tasting experience like no other. There will be numerous options to go with from the top-notch gins, delicious gins, to the less intricate flavors.
While tasting, you will be taken through the journey of how the gin has come to be. You will learn the origin, history, and methods of how the gin has been manufactured.
There are no limits to how much gin you can sample and taste. There is a wide range of the best gin flavors, and your stags can help you to pick.
Whether you want your gin in cocktails, plain sets, paired with tonics, or spiked a little more, it is no problem. Get yourself down to the gin tasting and enjoy the best of the best gin samples.
Why Us
There are no limits to how much gin sampling you can go with. Our attendants will also give you the history of the gin so you can boost your overall knowledge.

Glow Sports

You will glow as you play. That’s the catch with glow sports. Glow sports are for the lads who are yearning to relive their best school days.
The event can be booked for as little as £50. However, you will have tons of activities and games to enjoy.
While the games will involve the ones that you played back in your school days, there will be a twist to every one of them.
From each single competition to the next, there will be a guarantee of a fun-filled event – no need for good luck since it’s all about your creativity.
Why Us
Glow sport is the bomb. The scheduled events will be kept secret until the Stag-Do day. You’ll have the chance to break the ice with others and also make some cool new friends.
Our games are tailored to trigger the competitive spirit in you and also to sharpen your skills. You’ll have the chance to acquire so much more, including better communication skills.
Glow Sports is always a joy to play, it comes with several regular sporting games with a twist that gives them that extra spark.

Google Football

Stags who want the best weekend will look for the activities that give them just that – fun. While many activities such as eating, drinking, and partying will do that, there is a new game that’ll maximize the thrill.
Google football is the latest outdoor activity that will give you that. The game offers unlimited fun and it’ll give a breather too.
So, if you can’t whizz down the zip line, you can at least run around on the unique Google football pitch and enjoy the cool twist that the virtual reality twist brings.
Google Football adventure is a super cool revolutionary, but also ridiculously fun game. The lads will go into two separate groups or teams.
The teams will work together to win the game. They’ll race around to snatch the ball from their opponents or to try and keep the ball between them.
The team with the highest number of points wins. In the event of a tie, a penalty shootout between the teams will break the deadlock.
Why Us
Our Google football instructors love the game, they will give you the gaming tips, show you the rules and then they will then look over the games.

Gorge Walking

Who said that stag do weekends have to be in town? We have a different experience for you. We will take you around town and also set you up with some of the best gorges around your stag do destination.
You don’t have to worry if you love the outdoors. We know that the lads most probably don’t love to shop much, so a treat at the gorge will be the best option to go with.
You will enjoy the best nature walk and have a great chance to catch up with each other. The gorge is also full of other outdoor lovers, and you will have the chance to mingle and make new friends.
The thrill of walking around the gorge will offer some of the most breathtaking sceneries that will also make your adventure much more memorable.
Don’t be mistaken though; there will be a time where you and the lads will be scrambling for safety and fighting your way up the river at some point. Let’s see who gets to the other side dry.
Why Us
We want you to enjoy much more than just bars and drinks. We know people have different tastes and we want you to choose an experience to suit yours. We have expert guides and the safest gorges too.

Guinness Tour

Do you love Guinness, the drink? Do you know how it is made? Do you want to know? We will be taking you with the lads for a tour of the Guinness production plant in Scotland.
You will have the chance to learn how your favorite brew is made and what process it passes through.
From how the raw materials are harvested, cleaned, to when they are processed as a beer of Guinness, you will have it all in a day.
The lads will also have the chance to taste and drink their favorite drink right at the plant. They will be able to ask all the questions they want to know and get the answers right from the horse’s mouth.
This is one of the most entertaining trips that you and the boys will take on your stag do weekend.
It is also an awesome way to start the evening before you get lost in the best bars, clubs, and movie spots in town.
Why Us
We want you to witness how your favorite drink is made firsthand. We will also wrap it up with the best guides and the most informed instructors. From here, we will take you to the best clubs to keep the fun rolling.

Height Ropes Adventure Experience

There are numerous outdoor activities that will enhance the type of experience that you enjoy. One of them is the height ropes adventure experience.
With vast natural environments, we have plenty of height ropes locations that you and the lads can take a tour to. We will make timely reservations and bookings so that you don’t have to wait in long queues.
From simple forest rope parks to extreme challenges, such as rickety bridges, suspended high ropes, and other difficulty balancing obstacles, you will have several challenges to try out.
The games will stretch from single challenges to group games. You will have the chance to experience good bonding time and will learn new techniques too.
There are great choices dependent on different levels of experience, everyone will get something to try out too.
Why Us
We value your safety and will take you to the best sites. Our height rope adventures are reliable and tested. They are safe, and we will give you professional instructors to work with too. Finally, safety gear is also provided.

Horse Racing

Watching horses race can have a calming effect that many say is good for your health. It is one of the best sports that interest people of all ages. However, it is also a great activity for the stag do weekends.
Place your bets, and let’s see who bags the jackpot. You and your group will have the chance to watch the horses racing live.
You will have VIP seats and get a great view of the racing course. Also, you will be able to cheer the horse of your choice and follow your bet to the finish line.
The best part is that you can watch as many horse races as you want. Horse racing is a great way to kick off the day if you plan on hitting the clubs when the night sets in.
You will have the chance to start your stag upbeat and also have the opportunity to drink some of the best cocktails.
Why Us
There are many horse racing events in the UK but we will take you and the lads to the best of the best events. You will meet and hang out with the celebrities and have the VIP platform to watch from.

Human Table Footbal

Forget the foosball table experience and become the character on the table. You and the lads will be placed in a huge inflatable arena and then locked in place, like the little guys on a foosball table.
It is a totally unique game with large team sizes that range from five to sometimes eight aside. This game is cool and can be easily played both indoors and outdoors, depending on your choice of location.
The ball used is a soft football, so there is no cause for concern. Even so, strict rules apply, and the referees will be on hand to ensure fair- play.
Why Us
Our referees understand the game. We also have the right kit for you so that you can enjoy the game.
The game will take place in an inflatable “field,” and you will play without moving from your initial “pole” position.

Indian Meal and a Pint

Several infamous cuisines originate from India. If you have never been to India or had the chance to try some of them out, this will be your chance to do just that. You will be pleasantly surprised and we’re confident your choice of meal will be the best.
You will also have the chance to get a pint on top to accompany your meal. It’s a great addition to your meal and can enhance your experience if you are having a meal with your friends.
The fun never stops, the options are unlimited and you will have the time to try out several dishes together. It is the best way to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the results.
For the people who love to push themselves to the limits, this is a good chance to try out something new. But don’t worry, you’ll love the taste.
Why Us
We strive to make every moment enjoyable for you and give you the unique spots and activities that you’ve never tried before. This is a huge difference from the same old, and that’s what the stag do is all about.

Indoor Go-Karting

It’s a race to the finish line in the brilliant karts. You and your mates can hit the track in a bid to beat each other.
You’ll find out who the best driver is in this adrenaline-packed activity. The race will be on as you wait at the start line, ready to put your foot down and take the sharp turns in your stride.
The only thing to focus on is crossing the finish line first. The winners who make it to the podium places will have bragging rights.
Why Us
Indoor go-karting is one of the most popular stag weekend activities. It is a good way to let off steam after a long week and let your childlike instincts out once again.
The best place to show off your track skills and feed your mates dus. You’ll prove your driving prowess and bag all the bragging rights for the rest of the weekend.
We have the best instructors, safety gear and serviced go-karts. Get ready to buckle up and brace yourself for the thrill of the race.. We have all the kit ready and waiting for you.

It’s a Knockout

If you don’t remember “It’s a Knockout.” You must have heard of it? It was the iconic TV show that took over our telly’s in the 70’s and 80’s. Well. you now have the opportunity to have a go yourself.
This occasion calls for something extra special, and “It’s a Knockout” will not disappoint. This is the activity for you if you want to create those golden memories with your friends and have an awesome time.
Go crazy with giant inflatables, gallons of foam, those iconic costumes and your friends. You get the opportunity to dress as the jesters with the giant heads, just like the show.
Create an imaginative team name, fancy dress if you like and prepare yourselves for an epic experience.
Why Us
With many towns and cities to choose from, you will find the perfect place for this activity, be locally to you or further afield, it will be an incredible day, regardless of the classic English weather which could bring a mud bath to add to the fun.
Every team will be awarded points for their overall performance on every round of the game. The team that will score the most points wins.

Jedi Training

Guys love to flex their muscles. What if you could do that by flexing the sword instead? Jedi training gives you the basics of sword fighting technique.
Jedi was taught to the battling warriors in the ancient kingdoms. It was one of the best skills that you had to pass if you wanted to be a knight.
While this technique is in the abyss of history, it still holds a special heart in most cultures around Europe and Asia.
You will use dummy swords and wear safety helmets. You will be taught the basics from pro instructors and get the warrior in you blazing out.
The experience is enjoyable, and you may also get to pair up with your pals. It is a great way to end your stag do tour before you head back home.
For the guys who want to break the ice with a new group or cool off after a long night of booze, Jedi training is simply awesome.
Why Us
We will give you professional training and will also help you to learn the safety of the game so that you love every aspect of it.


When was the last time that you were the star of the show? Do you want the chance to step out on stage and give the crowd the performance of a lifetime? A karaoke night is the perfect way to let loose with the lads.
The DJ will give you the mic to sing the song that you love while the tune plays. It will be time to impress the crowd with your singing skills as you blow them away.
This is the chance to hold the microphone and let loose as you sing and dance along. Don’t worry; the crowd will be cheering right behind you.
From group performances to single performances, the choice of what to sing will be up to you. There will be a screen displaying lyrics that you can also refer to as you sing too.
Karaoke is the best that you will get to start the night off right. So, booze up, get wasted, and try your luck with the microphone. Let the fun begin.
Why Us
We organize the best karaoke nights with every song of your choice available. From country, R n B, Soul, to modern contemporary music, the possibilities are endless.


If you and the lads plan on visiting a stag do city that lies along the beach, then you will need some cool water activities. Nothing will beat kayaking on a warm summer day with the boys.
Whether you want recreational kayaking to relax your mind or are looking to fish, there are no limits to how enjoyable kayaking is.
You will have the chance to get the thrill of kayaking in groups and also try your hand on single models.
Every kayak is designed to suit the type of experience that you will be looking for. We also have professional trainers who will teach you how to kayak.
Being a group activity, kayaking will offer so much more than just a chance to have fun. You will have time to catch up with your friends, learn the value of teamwork, and enjoy the natural sceneries that will surround you.
Why Us
First, we will give you the best kayaks. We will also assign to you and the lads pro kayaking experts. More importantly, we will also give you the right kayaking gears to use. Everything is planned out for your enjoyment.

Lap Dancing Club

Do you want to break the ice, have some fun, and let loose? Get to the best lap dancing clubs in your stag do destination. We have the top lap dancing clubs in our catalog just for you. We will book you in, reserve a table for you, and drop you to the doorstep.
The fun doesn’t end there. We will also pick you up and take you lap dancing club-hopping around town.
The plan is simple. We want to spoil you. The best lap dancing clubs have a cool ambiance, sophisticated cocktails, the best booze, and exactly what you are looking for. It is time to get your VIP dance and play catch up with the lads.
Why Us
We have chosen only the best lap dancing clubs for you in every destination. We also have you covered when it comes to transportation. More importantly, we will book you in and also reserve a table for all members of the party.

Laser Shooting

Right from when you were probably just a kid and even before, laser tag has always been a fun activity. Hiding out in various battlefield set ups, ready to compete with your friends, laser shooting has got you covered.
It has the benefits of paintballing without any pain and the adrenaline rush without real-life exposure to danger. Even so, the game is still on the A-list.
There are still elements of teamwork, the winning and losing, and the real execution that comes with losing in the game.
The game comes in a variety of formats that you can explore, including the different use of weaponry, various battlefield setups, and capturing of territories.
Why Us
We keep our laser shooting games organized and fun. There will be all the gaming equipment that you need. We also provide a gaming expert that will brief your stags on how to use the equipment. Thankfully, the game is enjoyable but comes without any bruises or torn clothes.

Life Drawing Classes

Explore your artistic side by participating in the life drawing classes. The organized classes include people from all walks of life but are limited to less than 10 people per session.
You will be taught how to make every curve, line, and how to create numerous drawings from live objects.
The drawing will start with a small object and gradually change bit by bit until you can try your skills on sketching a human.
You don’t have to get everything right on the first try so you will have the chance to practice in a few more classes when you come for another stag do weekend.
However, this is a great place to start. If you love art, you can have this as your most affordable art foundation.
Why Us
We will pair you up in the best classes. The drawings are organized by us, and we will give you the chance to work with professionals alone. If you dream of walking in the shoes of the best artist, this is your chance to be the Pablo Picasso of your generation. It is never too late to try.

Multi Watersports Activity

Several watersports activities are available in our stag do locations. From simple river cruise, river discos, waterparks, to water trampolines, the choices available can be overwhelming.
The multi watersports activity will give you the chance to enjoy several water activities in a single package.
You will enjoy every section of the waterpark, cruise, water slides, to water tube slides. If you want the ultimate fun, this is one of the places to be.
We have the best guides, instructors, and infrastructure. The experience will be bigger and better once you have other groups to enjoy the waterpark activities with.
Don’t be left behind. Experience the fun firsthand and get to make new friends too. It is time to enjoy and bond with your friends.
Why Us
We want to make your stag- do weekend as entertaining as possible. That’s why we have an array of activities to choose from. The waterpark activities will give you an adrenaline packed weekend that will help you to completely relax.

Night Club Entry

Nothing beats heading out with the lads and getting ready for a top night of classic dance moves that they’ll never let you live down. It will mark the end of a cracking weekend with the lads too.
We’ll make sure you’re in the coolest spot to enjoy the thrill into the early hours of the morning. You can relax in the knowledge that all will have been planned ahead so you can just enjoy yourself and let the drinks flow.
Those who have been in this position before will appreciate the importance of letting loose. Let us plan a night out you could only dream of.
Why Us
We’ll make sure that you have all the tools you need for a top night with your friends in the hottest spots in the city of your choice.
There’s something for everyone’s musical taste, from the swinging sixties and naughty nineties all the way to today’s chart hits.
One thing we know for sure is that we have all the ingredients for you to have a first class night, just let us know the specifics.


If you have had a water gun run with your pals before, then you may have an idea of how much fun paintballing is.
The idea of paintballing is to duck and miss any paintball that’s shot at you. So if you have the best dodging skills, it is time to put them into use.
The paintballs will hurt a little if you are caught on close range, so keep your eyes open. This is a stag weekend classic, and you don’t want to miss out at all.
You will have to fish out your mates from their hiding place while at the same time watching your back, so you aren’t caught off-guard.
Why Us
We’ll provide you with the gaming gear including overalls so you don’t have to worry about your own clothes..
Every stag that comes our way will play freely and have a chance to hunt their friends out of their hideouts.

Party Bus Tour

Every stag do party should be memorable. So don’t walk from one destination to the next unless you are working out. That’s why we have the best party bus tour for you. With the party bus tour, you won’t have to work your legs.
This is a special bus that’s designed to take you around on the night of the party. The bus will leave your residence and take you to the clubs of your choice for a night full of fun.
You will travel comfortably from one club to the next and still have the time to catch a few bites along the way.
We have the best clubs lined up for you, and all you have to do is choose. From bars with the best booze, awesome lap dancing clubs, to the best beach spots, you can always find something to suit your taste.
Why Us
Our buses are customized to suit your comfort and to add more fun. We have the coolest audio systems and comfortable seating spaces. We also have professional drivers who understand the geographical location of every stag do destination that you choose.

Phileas Fogg Immersive Adventure

Add Phileas Fogg’s Immersive Adventure to the stag do itinerary, and you will have a great time with the lads. You’ll build your signature stag do by getting the best thrill of the Phileas Fogg’s Immersive Adventure.
You’ll bring back the fun-packed action and adventure to the heart of your stag-do event. You and the lads will rewind the time machine to the 1870s and join Jules Verne’s hero and Phileas Fogg on one big immersive exploration around the world.
There won’t be any need to hurry as you’ll step back in time to help Phileas Fogg in achieving the best theatrical adventures around the world.
You’ll need your energy, wits, determination, and courage to complete the truly daring quests and complete all the challenges and puzzles that you’ll encounter across the five continents.
Why Us
The Phileas Fogg Immersive adventure experience is the most interactive theatre thriller that you will experience. Our set up spreads across over 15 adventure areas and through every continent. It’ll be amazing for a group of stags that need the best fun for a stag do weekend.

Quad Biking

Quad biking is an awesome way to spend some quality time with the lads. It is spontaneous, and you can almost immediately feel the adrenaline rush.
The activity is the best for lads who want an outdoor experience to savor and a stag weekend that will always be remembered fondly.
Quad biking is for you and your mates if you are looking for an adventure. Just remember to saddle up and get your quad bike on the rough and muddy terrain.
And before you know it, you and the lads will be riding mercilessly and chasing each other over all manner of terrains. From slopes, dips, valleys, and mud, you will be beating each other to the finish line.
Why Us
The level of enjoyment is unbelievable, the quad bikes are on point, and the terrain is brilliant– but that’s what makes our quad biking one of a kind.
So if you love speed and the feel of the breeze rushing past you, we will give you the most challenging tracks to help you let loose.
Meet our expert instructors and let them brief you on the rules and quad biking safety procedures. You will also get a free manual on the quad biking procedures. We provide all the riding gear.


Quidditch is the game of the “witches” where they ride on a broomstick. If you have watched any cool fairy tale films, then I’m sure you will have seen Quidditch at its best. A good example is “the wizard of Oz,” where the witch rides on a broomstick.
Unlike the films where the witches fly, a game of Quidditch will set up you and your lads against the next group of revelers.
Each team is made up of about seven players. The players will then mount on their broomsticks on a hockey-like pitch. A ball will be waltzed across the pitch with everyone chasing after it as fast as they can. The team that bags the most goals wins. It is an awesome game that’s based on J. K. Rowling’s fictional novels – Harry Potter.
Why Us
We organize the most entertaining Quidditch game in almost every location that you choose to visit. Right from the time you choose to enjoy Quidditch to the moment the game is up, we will give you an instructor to go with. The instructors will brief you before you start the game so you can enjoy it to its full potential.

Race Car Driving and Track Day

For those who love speed, a race car will probably give you a great start to your stag do weekend. This adrenaline-packed event will offer you much more than just speed.
You’ll have the chance to polish your driving skills, make new friends, bond with the lads, and also have some great food and drinks.
If your boys love power, speed, and the thrill of winning, this is the place to be, a Stag-do race car weekend will be memorable.
You will have the time to mingle with real racing professionals, expert instructors, and other racing enthusiasts.
You’ll have the chance to look at the powerful racing machines (cars) and how they operate, but if you just love the fun of sticking around, having a track day will work for you.
Why Us
You and the boys will have a special treat. You’ll have VIP entry to the race car driving events. You’ll enjoy a close up with most of the professionals and have the chance to try your hands on the wheels.

Rock Climbing

The lads always want something to work their muscles out. We have rope and rock climbing sessions to start you on a weekend of a pure outdoor workout.
You will enjoy the outdoor serenity and also have the time to indulge in many other group activities.
The rock climbing sessions will give the chance to work together, tell stories, bond, and also meet other climbers along the way.
You will learn survival techniques and work with professional explorers too. There are guides that will take you around and you will be dropped off and picked when the fun comes to an end.
If you want the chance to enjoy the best outdoor events, starting with rock climbing for your stag do weekend is an awesome idea. You will also get all the rock climbing safety gear right on site.
Why Us
Before you get out to the rocks, you will have a safety briefing session. We will also assign a guide to the group who is trained on safety measures and is a pro rock climber too.

Saturday Night at the Dogs

On a stag do, one long weekend could turn to be very boring if you have nothing much to do. But not for us, we are the guys who’ve got you covered. With an array of activities, we will save you the boredom and lead you with laughter and excitement all the way.
One of our most popular activities is Saturday night at the dogs. This is for the lads who love a little outdoor activity that will let you relax and to cool off. It is a great activity that saves you the hustle and bustle of town but still gives you fun like never before.
You will attend one of the best dog competitions with your lads. There will be endless games and great gaming times. You will get signature cocktails, delicious cuisines, and first class entertainment.
Why Us
We understand that you don’t have to hit the club, go to town, or go bar hopping. Sometimes change is as good as the rest, and that’s why we have lined out a whole lot of activities for you to choose from. You will have the time to enjoy the cool breeze of the night as you watch our canine pals race one another.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

While most of you will understand what surfing is, maybe a few will know what stand up paddleboarding is. Well, stand up paddleboarding originated from the Asian continent. It is a form of surfing too.
Unlike the normal surfing style where you wait to catch the wave, in stand up paddleboarding, you will paddle your surfboard to go to the wave.
The paddling is always done while you are standing on top of the board. It is equally entertaining but the best part is that the sport is often an adrenaline packed event that leads you to some of the best times in the water.
The lads will have the chance to watch people do stand up paddle boarding and will also have the chance to try out their luck on the board and have some fun.
Why Us
We have all the standup paddle boarding equipment in place for you. We also have the best professional instructors to take you through your paces. More importantly, we will ensure that you and the lads are washed up and safe.

Sumo Wrestling

Learning a little bit of a new trick is no harm at all. You will only have to pick what skill to learn in your stag destination. A good choice is sumo wrestling. While this game originated from Asia, it has become popular around the whole world.
Today, we have sumo wrestling contests in most of our stag do destinations. You and the lads will have the chance to catch a live sumo wrestling event. You will also get free training and sumo tips from professional experts.
While you can try your luck in the game for a fun-filled stag weekend, the best part is taking a photoshoot with your professional wrestlers. You will get the chance to mingle with them, ask the questions you want and get the best thrill on the ropes.
Why Us
We don’t want you to miss out when you can also learn the game. In addition to that, the time for you and the boys to mingle with real professionals will come and you’ll have a chance to find out all that you’d want to know..

Surfing Lessons

Why not come to our waterfront destinations and leave with a new trick up your sleeve? Have the stag do experience with a difference and enjoy the watersport activities.
We will give you the best surfing lessons with the lads. The drills are simple, and you will be up on that surfing board catching a wave in no time.
This activity is not for the fainthearted. But if you love an adrenaline-packed activity to try out in any of our water point destinations, surfing will be a great option.
Our instructors are patient, they are friendly and will take their time to take you through your paces. They are also trained professionals who have surfed the waters for years.
Surfing has so many qualities. It will help you to improve your balance, develop core strength, and above all, boost your confidence.
Why Us
Water sports are a very serious activity and it is, therefore important that you get the best lessons to avoid any accidents. We understand this and have vetted every instructor that we will assign to you beforehand.

Tank Driving

If you are the gaming type, then you have driven a tank in one of your games, Grand Theft Auto maybe? Well, that’s the game, but what if you had the chance to drive a tank in real life?
Tank driving stag weekend will give you that opportunity. You will have your chance behind the wheel of a real tank. So, if you’ve dreamt of making your fantasy a reality, this is your chance to do so.
The tank you’ll be driving is real. It’ll be your time to lead the battalion. Unfortunately, you won’t access the city streets for your trail or mayhem and destruction, nonetheless, you will have fun and a chance to turn your childhood dream into reality.
Why Us
Our tank driving course is designed to give you a real thrill. You will lead your stag party as the renegade from one course to the next. The tanks that you’ll drive are also difficult to handle so will pose a learning experience too.

The Crystal Maze Experience

Having been the people’s favorite national institution in the ’90s, The Crystal Maze has one of the largest groups of followers. Thanks to its numerous fun challenges and the nail-biting ending, it is an epic activity that marks the best of every stag weekend.
For the groups seeking something out of the ordinary with a throwback twist, the Crystal Maze Experience is the way to go. The originality of Richard O’Brien in the crystal maze, as presented by our own host, will blow you away.

Why Us
You will be left wanting for more as our new host leads you through various tasks that will challenge both your mental and physical capacity. It is tricky, but fun. It’s challenging but entertaining.
If you and your pals want some place to put your skills to the test, this is the game for you. You might be solving a tricky puzzle that’s set in Aztec temple or rushing through the deepest jungles to find the crystals. Whichever way, you’ll enjoy the thrill of the chase.
Call on your friends to help if you want to win. The game comes to a close with the classic finale, where you’ll be locked into the giant crystal ball and left to grab as much money as possible.

Three-course Meal and a Drink

Let your first night at the stag do destination of your choice be memorable. Get only the best treats and the top-rated wines from the cellars.
While we give you the best show-stopping night out with the boys, we will help you to get that memorable edge.
We will include the most scrumptious three-course meal and an ice-cold drink to accompany it. You will also get some red hot top-rated cabaret performances.
The lads will love every moment, and you will be completely entertained by the combination of the best burlesque, musical theatre, and comedy.
Don’t forget, the performances will send your excitement levels through the roof. Let’s help your guests to celebrate in style and to enjoy some of the finest drinks on arrival, before beginning to enjoy a mouth-watering meal.
Why Us
We have it all planned out, you don’t have to worry and you don’t have to find your way there. We will drop you to the front door with the lads, keep you company, and get you back. So, no need to second guess.

Treasure Hunt Pub Fun

This is one of the greatest ideas. The stag weekends have endless games that you and the lads can explore. We love the pub treasure hunt.
It is the best option if you are looking for a great idea to break the ice with other members of your party. Use this excellent pub treasure hunt and let the challenge begin.
What is the game about? The game is made up of quizzes and treasure hunts. It is a game for your IQ while you also enjoy the booze.
Why Us
You will be in two separate teams and will go head-to-head. Each group has a tablet which is their tour guide. There is always a twist to the game.
With the tablet, you will explore the streets and go through several ‘hot spots’ that will pop up quizzes or sometimes photo challenges for you to solve.
It is a race against time as you hop from one pub to the next. The tablet also shows you the location of the other team, so you know your position at any time.

Two-Course Meal and a Welcome Drink

Let’s get you started in your chosen stag do destination. We will give you a brief of the best spots to visit, cool places to see, and several activities that you can indulge in.
You will get more and enjoy a delicious two-course meal and a welcome drink. Once you arrive, we will get you to one of the trendiest restaurants and bars in town.
The restaurants that we have will give you a good selection of starters, main dishes, and desserts. You’ll be everyone’s guest and best friend, and you will be treated better than you could even anticipate.
There will also be a welcome glass of wine, cocktail, or bottled beer to give you the nicest accompaniment for your meal.
Why Us
Giving you the best treat that helps you to relax and get accustomed to the stag do destination is our job. You are our top guest, and we want you to have the best experience. A two-course meal and a drink is our way of saying, ‘let the games begin.”

VIP Booth Package

Attend the best events in your stag destination and have a front-row seat. Later on, get the chance to mingle and take photoshoots with the VIPs, including your favourite celebrities. You will be walking with the highest level of business moguls, entertainers, and many more.
The stag do fun has never started on such a high tempo except with the VIP booth package. There will be time to grab some drinks, get to the front lines, and have the best view for every spot that you choose.
It is time for you and the lads to get the VIP treatment and live every moment like you never have before. We have every detail drawn up for you.
Why Us
Our program is set and planned for every detail. You won’t have to worry about a thing. You will be living life in the fast lane with no hassle at all.
We have the best places for you and we are determined to make it memorable for all the right reasons. We have you and the lads covered.

Welsh Country Games

If the lads want to have more fun, laughter, and humor, they can go with Welsh country games for a change.
The Welsh country games are another one of the best cultural events that originate from native Wales. It brings the community together for competition and fun.
The games were used to help people cool off after long days of work and also as a means of building unity.
If you feel the energy pumping through your veins, you can set the lads for a run at Welsh country games. Get them down and let them experience something totally new.
Welsh country games are unique. You will have the chance to participate in some of the silliest and funniest competitions ever.
From simple runs, jabbing each other using leeks, to hurling daffodils, there will be so much more to experience.
Why Us
We have the best Welsh country game challenges in various destinations that you will be able to choose from. Pure Welsh culture just for you and the boys. The events that you will participate in are organized by some of our best guys.

Xtreme Foot-golf

You don’t want to break your back with clubs and tiny holes on the golf course? Then we have the best game for you.
This game has larger holes, bigger balls, and you use your feet instead of clubs. Our game is simple. All you need is to kick the ball on the golf course with your feet until it lands in the hole.
It looks simple, right? Then it is game on. You will have so much fun, lots of misses, and a few bragging rights.
This is the perfect game for the sports-loving stags who want a new twist to the normal golfing game that they know of.
Why Us
We have the best courses for the game. We also have all the bits that you will need. While you will only rely on your two feet, we have the caddies to show you the rules.
This is the best fun-filled activity that blends both golf and football to give you an epic sport. You can even team up to make the game more fun. The rule is simple: get the ball to the hole.

Xtreme Games

If you are in search of a group activity that is fun and competitive, Xtreme games is the one for you. Xtreme-games is a brand-new set of games that will make your stag do weekend a most memorable one.
This experience will bring a smile to any dull faces and bring exciting times to share with your mates. The games will offer a variety of options to go with, you’ll see the schedule before the fun begins.
From crazy archery challenge, dizzy assault course to a bungee spider web to ensure you have so much fun. Your team will compete against each other over ten groups. At the end, the points you have scored will be tallied up, and the team with the most points wins.
Why Us
Our activities are tailored around stag groups. You will have fun with your friends without anyone lagging behind. The games will provide you with enjoyable experiences and the best bonding time.
These games will favour you if you are looking for great activities with total fun and inclusivity. They will also serve you well if you love the outdoors.

Zip Wire

Adrenaline-packed stag weekends will create the most memorable stag-dos, a must for any fun-loving and daring group of stags.
Well look no further, we have a few special activities will guarantee such a thrill. One of them is the zip wire stag-do activity.
Zip wire will give you with the best outdoor fun. You will attach yourself to a zip-line wire and simply whizz down its slope for some adrenaline-packed action.
First, you may feel scared, but after a few tries, it will be quite addictive! With the thrill of the rushing air past your face and the great heights of the zip wire, you will enjoy the views of the most amazing landscapes.
Why Us
Our zip wire is for people who will be up for the most daring adventures. If you are yearning for some fast-paced action, this is the best stag do activity for you. It will serve you best when separating the men from the boys.

Zombie Assault Course

The thought of dead men walking makes some people shiver with fear. But, if you love zombie movies and TV shows, then it is time to enjoy the zombie assault course.
Do you think you can dodge the zombies and cut some of their heads off? Well, if you are the daring type, then jump into the assault course.
This is a game that’s best for the lads if they want to have firsthand zombie experience or if they are desperate for some extraordinary fun.
It will be time to move with speed and get to the finish line before the zombies throw you out. Be the leader and take the lads through their paces.
The game is not for the fainthearted. But if you want to face your fear of zombies head-on, this might be a great way to start.
Why Us
We have the game rules for you. Our professional instructors will give you the briefing so you can enjoy the game. We also have the course properly laid out so you can understand the game easily.


Some of us may already know a thing or two about zorbing, others may not have the slightest idea, no problem.
Zorbing, also known as globe-riding or sphering can also be called orbing. It is a sport that involves rolling downhill whilst inside a huge orb, which is made of transparent plastic.
Zorbing is usually performed along a gentle slope, however, it can also be done around a levelled surface where you’ll enjoy better rider control.
The activity is relatively unique to many people. However, it is one of the most popular stag-do weekend activities.
You’ll have a great time with the boys and take turns in rolling around the surface in a transparent orb.
Nothing will beat the fun that comes with continuous rotations. There will be laughter, fun, enjoyment and some time to catch your breath.
Why Us
Our zorbing is epic. We organize the events. You’ll have the best destinations, expert instructors, and a good time with your friends. You will also bond while creating new friends along the way.

Add Your Accommodation

Travelodge Bath Central; Book into this central Bath Spa 3* Hotel, just to the left of the Thermae Bath Spa. This hotel is only a stone throw away from all of the top sightseeing spots in the beautiful city of Bath. Whether it’s relaxing in the thermae spa that you are after or a busy day of shopping this hotel will help you do just that. This modern but classically Bath hotel is perfectly situated from the theatres, cinemas, shops, tea rooms and restaurants. You can almost see this stunning hotel from the thermae rooftop spa.

This Hotel can provide a modern relaxed feel for those looking for a budget Hen Do and can also offer light snacks and refreshments. With it’s central location you can always pop out to one of Bath’s top restaurants or event a local store for a bottle of wine or two to start the night. This hotel truly is in the centre of Bath so no long walks or unnecessary taxi costs for you or your Bride Tribe. You could head over to the very popular bath Café; Boston Tea Party or even finish the night off with a stuffed Mexican favourite from Mission Burrito. You choose but this is a great value for money option to rest your worn out “soul”…

Bailbrook House Hotel is a stunning unique country house hotel just minutes away from centre of Bath with complimentary parking.  This beautiful display of listed building is only one of two in Bath City. This Stunning Hotel actually started life as someone’s home just over 200 years ago. This 4* luxury hotel is set on a ground acre green plot of countryside, this hotel will set you up nicely for the best weekend. This hotel is also home to a 2 AA Rosette restaurant and has “Royal” lounges. Where home from home meets luxury!

Travelodge Bath Central; Book into this central Bath Spa 3* Hotel, just to the left of the Thermae Bath Spa. This hotel is only a stone throw away from all of the top sightseeing spots in the beautiful city of Bath. Whether it’s relaxing in the thermae spa that you are after or a busy day of shopping this hotel will help you do just that. This modern but classically Bath hotel is perfectly situated from the theatres, cinemas, shops, tea rooms and restaurants. You can almost see this stunning hotel from the thermae rooftop spa.

This Hotel can provide a modern relaxed feel for those looking for a budget Hen Do and can also offer light snacks and refreshments. With it’s central location you can always pop out to one of Bath’s top restaurants or event a local store for a bottle of wine or two to start the night. This hotel truly is in the centre of Bath so no long walks or unnecessary taxi costs for you or your Bride Tribe. You could head over to the very popular bath Café; Boston Tea Party or even finish the night off with a stuffed Mexican favourite from Mission Burrito. You choose but this is a great value for money option to rest your worn out “soul”…

The Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham is in the centre of Brindley Place just a stone throw away from the bustling Broad Street and adjacent to all of the swanky cocktail bars. With everything you could possibly need within walking distance. The Bullring which is famous for it’s shopping is a mere 20 minute walk and the worlds cuisine is on your door step. There is public parking just round the way so no long walks with your suitcases here! This stunning hotel also boasts a lovely BBQ Area and Outdoor terrace

Travelodge Blackpool South Shore; Book into this central Blackpool hotel its within walking distance to all tha Blackpool has to offer from the illuminations to the attactions you will not be left disappointed. The blackpool tower can be seen on a clear night. There is an on-site restaurant offer a selection of British Dishes but fear not if you fancy the traditional Fish and Chips you can just head on down to pleasure beach where you will find them a plenty.

Travelodge Blackpool South Promenade; Book into this hotel whether it’s the speed and thrill of the funfair rides or the flashing lights of the promenade this one is just off the main prom of arguably one of the nations favourite seaside towns. You can skip down to pleasure beach or other famous tourist attractions.

Travelodge Bournemouth; Book into this central 3* Hotel, so just 3 roads back from the sandy yellow beaches of Bournemouth get your flip, flops on and head for the sea. Ok well let’s sort check-in first and then literally first one to the beach is going to be the most popular words on your stay. You can venture as much as you want to with some stunning coastal views in Hengistbury or even nearby Boscombe. If you are feeling super active why not head to the nearby Monkey World.

The Oceana Hotels – Best Western Hotel Royale this hotel quite honestly beats them all, well in our humble opinion anyways. This stunning Hotel is just on the edge of East Cliff in the centre of Bournemouth Town. Not a fan of walking well then this is the hotel for you! Just 5 minutes from all that Bournemouth has to offer so whether it’s a beach stroll or a shop ‘til we drop kind of weekend well this is the one for you. The coastal town that is famous for it’s breath taking views and lively festival events really does boast the best combination for anyone looking for a great stay.

Travelodge Brentwood East Horndon; Book into this central 3* Hotel with Lakeside shopping centre just round the corner and also all of the late night spots that Brentwood has to offer. This hotel is set in idyllic location with stunning scenery and views around. You can even use this hotel location for a spot of walking as it is close to South Weald Country Park, spend one of your days enjoying a Pic Nic or BBQ in the park. Fantast king size of double single beds for a comfy nights sleep. Plenty of restaurants, shopping and late night spots within walking distance.

A 4* Hotel perched on 12 stunning acres of beautifully landscaped gardens just outside of Brentwood and only 40 minutes from Central London. This accommodation will wrap you with warmth and luxury from arrival. With faultless dining , function rooms and a tastefully luxurious spa you will be happy with your choice. The lobby is super welcoming and screams opulence with its enormous chandelier stretching two floors. This hotel really will make your stay one to remember and can accommodate a wide variety of activities.

Travelodge Brighton; Book into this central 3* Hotel, just a mile walk from everything that Brighton has to offer. You can head over to Preston Park to enjoy a picnic or maybe even our outdoor Yoga activities. Fancy something a little less active and a little more relaxing then keep on walking and find yourself amongst all of the qurky cafes and restaurants. Breakfast Club is real and if you don’t fancy eating at the hotel then you will not be left disappointed.

Jurys Inn Brighton;This stunning modern and convenient hotel is close to Brightons most sought out attractions. This is right next to Brightons railway station and just a mile walk from the famous lanes shopping and Churchill square. This is located in the city’s New England Quarter, you will be welcomed into a moder and stylish hotel. All of the wonderful things you have heard about Brighton is true, shpopping, theatre, comedy, cocktails and the Brighton Palace pier are all within walking distance. As a top Hen destination you will be amongst people that really are out to enjoy the scenic southern coast.

Travelodge Bristol Central; Book into this central 3* Hotel with stunning river and bridge views you will be able to really settle into this cosy hotel. You could take in all that Cabot Circus has to offer with the giant Harvey Nichols or maybe head down to Old Market where you could pick yourself a bargain boho outfit. The time is yours and the rooms will keep your head well rested after a long day of fun and excitement in the UK’s voted happiest city.

Mercure Hotel; This House Hotel & Spa is just a 10 minute walk from the centre of Bristol and the western railways temple meads. If you are after much needed RnR during your time away then this is a must book accommodation. Nicely situated near all of the fantastic cocktail barss such as Turtle Bay, Revolucion De Cuba and The Piano works you can quite comfortably see all that Bristol has to offer in all directions from this central Hotel. Whether it’s a sharp walk up the hill to the Triangle and maybe a drink or two in Lola Lo’s or Be At One or whether you head along to the Harbourside and soak in the atmosphere there you wont be left with nothing to do.

Travelodge Cambridge Central; Book into this central 3* Hotel with just over a miles walk into the centre of one of the U.K’s most popular cities and Hen destinations. This city really does offer it all shopping, galleries, punting, museums and plenty of architecture…Ow and not to forget the stunning late time bars, restaurants and clubs that Cambridge has to offer.

Hallmark Hotel; Well if you are looking for relaxation then look no further this 18-hole golf course with Spa, Indoor pool, gym and courts should do just the trick. You will be welcomed with open arms into this stunning hotel on the outskirts of Cambridge. The station is just over 6 miles a way so you can hop in one of the taxis and head straight over and then the relaxation begins. Did you know that all Cambridge Taxi drivers have to wear a shirt..We do like the idea of being chauffeured around Cambridge as well. Set in Country village with stunning panoramic views

Travelodge Caridff Central; Book into this central 3* Hotel with just over a miles walk into the centre of one of the U.K’s most popular cities and Hen destinations. This city really does offer it all shopping, galleries, punting, museums and plenty of architecture…Ow and not to forget the stunning late time bars, restaurants and clubs that Cambridge has to offer.

Travelodge Chelmsford; Book into this central 3* Hotel in the centre of Chelmsford just by the Army and Navy roundabout. Chelmsford has grown hugely in popularity since recent upgrades in the centre from the EveryMan Cinema to new boutique and chain restaurant openings. With a stunning John Lewis at the heart of it you wont be left dissatisfied if you fancy a spot of shopping. Chelmsford has a unique variety of activities and this hotel is central to 100’s of unusual Hen or Stag group activities.

The County Hotel, Chelmsford; This luxury 4* hotel was established in 1928 where previously stood the Old Rainsford Manor. This stunning hotel offers traditional refined service. This boutique hotel has 50 rooms available differing in offer and size but all offering comfort and elegance. This luxury hotel also offers home-cooked favourited in a relaxing lounge like setting whether it’s a pre-evening out dinner or a spot of lunch you won’t leave hungry

Travelodge Cheltenham; Book into this central 3* Hotel with just over a miles walk into the centre of one of the U.K’s most popular towns for it’s horse races. Whether it’s the city streets of charm of the Cotswolds this hotel will be able to accommodate all your desires. Everything is within easy reach and it iss just moments away from Pitville Park and the world-renowned famous Cheltenham Racecourse.

Clayton Hotel; This luxury 4* hotel in the heart of Cardiff City Centre in thick of the iconic landmarks and sights of the city of Wales. Expect luxury mattresses and the best Audio and Visual. You can also enjoy an international dining experience or some cocktails before your evening begins. This stunning hotel is right next to Cardiff’s central stations for easy of travel and access. You can also not only enjoy the bars, restaurants and clubs you can head on down to St David’s Shopping Centre to spoil yourself before the big day.

Travelodge Chester: Book into this central 3* Hotel which is in the centre of this stunning 2000 plus year old city, you can literally stumble out of it’s beautiful steps and be among history. The beautifully crafted cathedral or it’s iconic Roman walls to get the most insta-worthy photo of you and your crew. This is quickly becoming one of the U.K’s most popular city destinations and it’s easy to see why. If you are looking for something a little different you can event head to Chester zoo for the day.

Travelodge Dublin City Centre; Book into this central 3* Hotel which is located just off the edge of St Stephens Green Park and Lake. It is perfectly place to take in all of the culture and sites that Dublin has to offer. It is literally just around the corner from the National Concert Hall and the Iveagh Gardens. If you fancy taking in some history it is precisely 1.6 miles from Dublin Castle. Whether you are feeling active and take a walk to the sites or hop in a local cab wherever your journey takes you we know it will be full of joy.

O’Callaghan- The Mont; This luxury 4* hotel in the heart of Dublin is the newest addition to one of the most buzzing U.K destinations. This hotel offers 96 of the most unique designer, quirky bedrooms you could dream of. Think Banksy meets the Ritz..It truly is a stunning offering with all of the modern touches one would expect. It also boasts a woodfire pizza restaurant perfect for resting your feet and catching up on the events so far or just grabbing a light bite before heading out into the streets of Dublin.

Leonardo Royal Edinburgh Haymarket; This luxury 4* hotel is right in the city centre and offers fantastic transport links to Edinburgh and the wider towns of Scotland. Conveniently placed right next door to Haymarket Train Station which is perfect for short breaks and weekend getaways. This hotel offers 282 lavish and luxurious rooms and even offers a truly Scottish breakfast experience should you feel brave enough to try it. Depending on what time of year you decide to venture to Edinburgh why not try Edinburgh Festival Fringe or even take a day trip to Edinburgh Castle or Edinburgh Zoo amongst other activities you really will be in for a treat.

Travelodge Edinburgh City Centre; Book into this central 3* Hotel which is located in the heart of the city. It is just slightly off the Royal Mile making it perfect for local nights out and fantastic site seeing opportunities. If you haven’t been to Edinburgh before then hopping on the sightseeing buses are a must do excursion for any group. Or if you are feeling a little more active then you can happily walk around all of the historic famous landmarks that this beautiful city has to offer. It truly is a picturesque city perfect for both day and evening fun, once you have had you day full of views and history you can get your glad rags on and check out the local bars and night clubs. Edinburgh really does have it all.

Travelodge Glasgow Queen Street; Book into this super central 3* Hotel with all of Glasgow’s main attractions just a stroll away your not far away from the must-see gallery of Modern Art, City Port or the local shopping centre Enoch. This convenient hotel also offers the Super room option which is perfect of you want to have those little extras such as black-out curtains and mood lighting. If not though you wont be disappointed with the standard rooms with their newly designed beds made for ultimate comfort. Glasgow offers quintessential Scottish charm with extraordinary architecture, medieval buildings, phenomenal art collections and an enviable nightlife scene.

Jurys Inn Glasgow; This luxury 4* hotel offers Triple rooms and stunning views of Glasgow. This Jurys Inn is no different to the others in providing great service, impressive on-site restaurant and bar and of course ease of access with this nestled in next to Glasgow Central Station so no need to carry those bags further than you need to. This large hotel has 321 rooms in total and even has Sky TV for those late night chill out sessions. Glasgow is a port city which is just on the River Clyde in the western Lowlands of Scotland thankfully due to its location it prospered from trade and now offers some of the most breath-taking views, cultural trips and excursions in the U.K . Some of the key spots that would be worth a visit are Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow Science Centre and the Scottish Ballet.

Travelodge Leeds Central Vicar Lane; Book into this central 3* hotel with everything on your doorstep this hotel choice will make your stay as easy as could be. With Michelin-starred dining and some of the best shopping available north of the U.K it really is the ideal location for your Out Out. Leeds is the city of plenty in the heart of Yorkshire it has become increasingly popular with people wanting a mix of party and sites. With Call Lane famed for its bars and live music venues you really will be able to explore Leeds being just moments away from all of the action.

DoubleTree by Hilton Leeds; This luxury 4* hotel is conveniently located next to the main Leeds train station and is home to 333 modern rooms and a stunning restaurant. You will see why it has been given it’s 4*’s with brilliant service, a beautiful outdoor terrace and on-site paid parking. It is situated on the waterside granary wharf area which is stunning on a summers evening. This hotel offers it’s unique restaurant aptly names the lock kitchen with all-day dining or Brunch. If you are after Cocktails before you head into the City Centre then the Sky Lounge features a unique rooftop cocktail bar with breath-taking views of the city. If you are stuck on things to do then exploring the victoria quarter and Victoria Gate which are relatively new additions adding that something extra to the shopping scene including luxury brands stores such as Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood and Mulberry to name but a few.

Travelodge Liverpool Central; Book into this central 3* hotel conveniently situated a few moments away from Queens Square Bus station. This Travelodge is one of 3 centrally located and offers you the opportunity to be at all of the local key landmarks within minutes. Whether it’s the Beatles Story Museum or the incredible stunning afternoon tea or Brunch hot spots that you desire all is within easy walking distance. Liverpool City is the Second Highest number of art galleries, National Museums and listed building. Second only to London is really will deliver on cultural and nightlife.

Radisson Blu Liverpool; This elegantly art deco hotel screams “photo-me” on arrival and it only gets better as you venture into this luxury 4* hotel. It is centrally located in Liverpool with stunning dining options, a cocktail bar and relaxing lounge area. This hotel also boasts some of the best views in the city over looking the river also. This hotel has 194 smart and stylish rooms, the restaurant offers British Brasserie from traditional fish and chips to a juicy steak. This hotel gives you access to it’s state of the art gym, indoor heated swimming pool and steam and Sauna rooms. The town arguably made famous by the Beatles really does offer all that one would need when looking for a few day break. With ferries cruising along the waterfront and tourists flocking from around the world you really will be able to immerse yourself in all this Northern City has to offer.

Travelodge London; Book into one of the 4 key central 3* hotels that Travelodge has on offer depending on where you would like to visit. All 4 hotels are conveniently situated a few moments away the hustle and bustle of all that London has to offer. Whether you want to hit Buckingham Palace for the day and watch the guards marching or you want to hit some of the biggest designer shops in the world you can do it all from the comfort of one of these hotels. Your personal Travel consultant will advise you on which hotel suits your requirements depending on which activities you opt for.

Jurys Inn Holborn; This stunning 5* hotel in the heart of the U.K’s favourite city this is just 5 minutes from the British Museum and moments a way from some of London’s Top West End shows. This hotel was formerly the Grange Hotel and is perfectly situated minutes from Covent Garden and Soho the top party destination in the city. You can be at a number of underground stations in moments and also key over ground train lines. If you are wanting to relax as much as play then this 5* hotel really will tick the boxes for you and your group.

Manchester Central Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel in the heart of this Northern City, Manchester has built is self a reputation so much so it is sometimes known as England’s second Capital. Manchester really does offer it all from excellent shopping to Museums and cultural excursions. There truly are some stunning restaurants and bars; Iberica Manchester is definitely up there with the best and isn’t to far from this cosy, budget stay. A big welcoming factor for Manchester is also the people, you really will feel very welcome.

Renaissance Manchester City Centre Hotel; This stunning hotel is conveniently placed in Deansgate which really is its own centre of fun and is a simple hope, skip and jump from the rest of the action that Manchester has to offer. With landmarks and attractions such as Old Trafford, Manchester Arena and Manchester Central you really will find why people fall in love with this city. The guest rooms are tastefully modern and really offer space for that much needed R & R. With some of the biggest clubs in U.K just walking distance and of course museums, football and Cathedrals your day can easily be filled with site seeing.

Newcastle Central Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel and experience true Geordie style hospitality. This really does set you in the heart of the “toon” with all your favourite hotels on your doorstep and restaurants a plenty to. All of the big brands are just round the corner at Eldon Square, truly immerse yourself into this Northern cities culture by heading out into the streets and parks where you will be graced with impressive outdoor works of art and stunning views.

Jurys Inn, Newcastle; This hotel is just yards away from Newcastle’s main train station with 275 stunning bedrooms and state of the art restaurant and bars you may find yourself not wanting to leave the hotel. This hotel offers a home from home experience like no other with help on hand should you need it from one of the trusted staff members. It is a short walk from Newcastle’s Discovery museum and all of the land marks you have seen on MTV with Geordie shore and similar programs. If you are into your shopping Intu Eldon Square isn’t to far away either. A few additional things you may want to consider doing whilst in Newcastle; Theatre Royal and Grainger Town, Biscuit Factory and Hatton Gallery, The Hyena where you can laugh your worries away at this brilliant comedy club.

Newquay Seafront Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel and be at one with nature. This newly devolved hotel offers views for days with the great western beach on it’s doorstep. Whether it’s a long walk along the coast or a big party in the heart of this famous seaside town its all available. This hotel sees 1000’s of guests every year some even heading down for the famous Board Masters, whether it’s a festival or the fling before the ring this hotel will truly cater for you and your groups needs.

Norwich Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel just off Prince of Wales Road overlooking the riverside. Whether you are looking to visit Norwich for its comedy, museums or world class art you wont be left disappointed. This City is based in the County of Norfolk and has Romanesque style buildings all around, it was previously a Saxon marketplace. The Norwich Cathedral offers a photo-worthy stop whilst visiting or if you fancy going a little further you could visit the Broads National Park.

Jurys Inn, Nottingham; Truly nestled into the centre of this beautiful city, with the main train station just 10 minutes walk away and 264 rooms available this is definitely a great choice of hotel for your stay in Nottingham. Whether it’s a Hen, Stag or Group Trip we will make sure your stay at Jurys is a memorable one. With a super friendly team on hand to make it the experience you desire this hotel is everything and more. It has its own contemporary in-house restaurant and offers room services through. There is so much to do whilst you are in Nottingham; not only our fantastic activities but things such as the National Justice Museum, Greens Windmill, Nottingham Contemporary Art, Nottingham Playhouse and even Intu victoria Shopping Centre.

Nottingham Central Travelodge; This ideally located central city centre hotel is great for anyone visiting this epic little city. With close transport links in and out of the city you will be able to arrive with ease. With fantastic shopping, Nottingham Castles and Nottingham Caves all within a short distance of the hotel you will be able to organise endless fun. It is nestled in between St Peters Square, Nottingham Colle and just off the way from the Robin Hood Experience.

Oxford Abingdon Road; Book into this central 3* hotel this is just off the A34 Southern By-Pass Rd giving you easy on and off access to the hotel. This hotel even offers limited free parking on a first come first served basis. This hotel is comfortably place just over 2 miles a way from the city centre but the journey into this historic town won’t leave you bored as you pass through some of the historic landmarks and key sites in Oxford. If you are in the mood for exploring the hit the historic streets of Oxford and choose a couple of activities this truly will make it a break away worth remembering.

Jurys Inn, Oxford; This hotel really allows the opportunity for relaxation and fun. This hotel boasts a stunning swimming pool with spa facilities. Just on Godstow Road just a short drive from the city centre it beautiful architecture will really astound you and your guests. This hotel comprises of 240 comfortable guestrooms. There is so much history and culture on offer in this beautiful city, from the Oxford University Museum a superb example of neo-gothic architecture famously known for having interesting collections such as the Dodo. You could even head to the Oxford Castle with a guided tour discovering over a 1000 years of history.

Portsmouth Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel and be a short distance from the continental ferry port and isle of Wight ferry for day trips should you wish. It really is in the thick of it all, with the thriving shopping centres and leisure facilities nearby for a relaxing spa day or “shop ‘til you drop” moments that we all need every now and then. You could even head to the Spinnaker tower with stunning panoramic views or try out the latest bars and restaurants with incredible dining and cocktail options available.

Village Hotel; A city steeped in Maritime history brings you a stunning hotel collection. The latest addition in beautiful accommodation opens its doors to those who choose to visit this maritime city. Whether you are visiting to see the Mary Rose Museum or the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard or just some stunning cocktails and a fabulous party it’s all available in this brilliant city. It really offers what you would expect from a south coast hot spot with people travelling all over the U.K especially in the summer months.

Reading Central Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel and enjoy Reading to its full potential. This town has comedy Clubs, bars, Restaurants and even a ping pong bar with stunning pizzas. Not only can you enjoy this accommodation being so central but just 20 miles away is the historic town of Windsor with Legoland and thorpe park nearby. This hotel offers budget comfort and great service.

Novotel Hotel; This perfectly located hotel really does offer convenience with it being just a 3 minute walk from the train station which can get you in to London within 30 minutes. This hotel has an on-site restaurant but is right in the high-street so has direct access to brilliant array of both chain and independent restaurants. Whether you fancy a spot of shopping or heading further afield this is perfectly located in the heart of Berkshire with a fantastic nightlife offering.

Sheffield Central Travelodge offers great comfort within budget. The sporting scene and musical heritage that Sheffield has cannot be rivalled well that’s what the locals say anyways. This hotel is conveniently located in the centre of the city. Whether it’s a spot of shopping or taking in the culture of this wonderful “steel city” this hotel can certainly help save time and money on travel by it being easily accessible.

Jurys Inn Sheffield; This hotel is perfectly placed in the super cool Devonshire Quarter and just 6 minutes away from the main train and bus station. This hotel had over 250 stunning rooms both Double and triple to cater for all group sizes. This City is based in the South of Yorkshire. Known the world over as a steel city it say in the early 1900’s a booming industry economy but it is still very much famed for its innovation. The cultural scene boasts stunning theatres, Restaurants, bars and even better has the back drop of the Peak District National Park.

Southampton Central Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel on Broad Street West which really is in the centre of all of the fun. Just a short walk from Houndwell Park, Lankester’s Vault, Tudour House & Garden and the Medieval Merchants House. You will find modern comforts and great value for money in this hotel. Southampton is Hampshires largest city and offers cultural attractions and a bustling port and esturary.

Jurys Inn Southampton; A city centre hotel that is just 15 minutes walk from the train station and has its own restaurant, bar and even a Cost Coffee. This hotel has just over 260 beautifully modern bedrooms. A pleasant 4* stay for you and your group, with an urban, industrial theme. Whether you are heading to the SeaCity Museum, Southampton City Art Gallery just some stunning cocktails and a fabulous party it’s all available in this brilliant city. It really offers what you would expect from a south coast hot spot with people travelling all over the U.K especially in the summer months.

Swansea Central Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel on Princess Way just a stones throw away from the Swansea Waterfront Museum. There is so much to see and do in Swansea and the surrounding areas, often people will take a trip out to the mumbles for a day to take in the breataking views and try the delightful boutique restaurants and of course the yummy ice-cream. You will find modern comforts and great value for money in this hotel.

Village Hotel Swansea; This hotel is great for some much needed R & R in the heart of Swansea City Centre. If you fancy a lay in on your last day it also offers late check out. Swansea is a stunning welsh seaside hot spot with the infamous wind street offering some of the best party options in the U.K you really will be greeted with a big Welsh welcome. If you don’t just fancy booze fuelled memories you can enjoy water sports just a stone throw away from the hotel or head over to Jersey park and enjoy time with one our professional instructors be it a yoga class or something a little more adrenaline fuelled the fun will be never-ending.

York Central Travelodge; Book into this central 3* hotel on the edge of the River Foss everything is within walking distance. You may even opt to head to the Tower Gardens or even the York Dungeon there is so much to explore whilst in this stunning city. The ancient walls protect the beauty and of course it’s occupants, You could head over to the York Minster or even the Jorvik Viking Centre. Many who visit head over to the shambles and if that doesn’t keep you busy all of our wonderful activities in the heart of the centre certainly will.

Marriott York; A city centre hotel that is a short drive from the city centre, this is perfect also if you fancy a day a the races as it overlooks the well-equipped York racecourse. This stunning hotel also offers a spacious outdoor terrace. A truly immersive experience awaits all that stay at this beautiful hotel, it is perched on five acres of green landscaped gardens. This lives up to it’s 4* rating with a fabulously modern fitness centre and warmed indoor pool and even a tennis court should you fancy a game.

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