How it works

How it works

From the beginning of your journey until the memories begin being made.

You are in the driving seat for arguably of the most important events well other than the wedding of course and getting it right is the only option. Below you will see the customer journey you will enjoy when you book with Out Out Entry.

Send through your enquiry

As soon as you send through your enquiry you will receive an email confirmation with what you have picked unless of course you have done a quick enquiry. Either way if it is within office hours a travel and events consultant will phone you in the first instance.

Get to know you

Your Travel and Events consultant will be in touch with you to find out exactly you are looking to plan whether it is your hen do or you are organising it on behalf of someone else. We can communicate with you via email, whatsapp or phone we make it work for you.

Your weekend plans

Whether it’s just the 1 activity or the entire week we are booking for you we will come up with the perfect itinerary to suit your budget, location and requirements.

Time to book

Once we have gone through all of the options and you have the perfect Bride Tribe planned then we will do the rest. It just takes a £50 deposit to get you package secured for the group. We will get you set up in our party planner and then you can manage the booking from there

Boss of the party

You have done all the hard work up until this point now it’s time to add the girls in and let them make their payments. In our party planner you will be able to track who has or hasn’t paid and we will communicate all of the information about the packages in the party planner as well.


Once we have received everyone’s payment we will get the final and confirmed itinerary over to you for you to double check and make sure that every detail is set and planned as agreed. You can choose to share it with the group or keep it a secret. That’s completely up to you.

Bride Tribe Time

Let the fun begin. The time has finally arrived to go and let your hair down. You will head off to your chosen location for the Hen Do and everything will have been taken care of.