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Sheffield Hen Do Guide

A great way to make some of the most amazing hen-do memories is by visiting Sheffield. With a long weekend on your list, a Sheffield hen-do experience will be a good way to stamp some amazing memories.
You will have incredible hotels, nightlife venues, and eateries to visit. A good way to start your hen do weekend in Sheffield is to attend the musical classes.
These classes are often unique and full of opportunities to try your new dance moves. They give you a chance to sing and dance while you catch up.
Sheffield hen-do experience is also full of spooky escape rooms, awesome? You will have your private girl party, get time to enjoy nude artistic drawing classes, and, if possible, an afternoon tea.
If the day is going to be heavy, a drop at any of the exquisite spas will do the trick. You can also take the girls for a little shopping spree before the sun goes down.
Finally, as the sun sets and the bars sprawl to life, it will be time to go club jumping. Take your girls to the Cuban themed bar, Revolucion de Cuba. You can also drop into other cool neighboring clubs and enjoy a range of signature cocktails.
Then before you head back, you can light up the evening by dropping into a tranquil haven around the bustling city.
The next day, a visit to the Endcliffe Park will help in easing up the hangover and reminice over the antics of the previous.

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Sheffield Hen Weekends

Good for:

  • Rejuvenating parks
  • Classic cocktails
  • Dance classes
  • Pampering spas