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If you are the girls about town type, Bath is the place to be. Simply put, this is the perfect historic town for girls that are looking for a weekend full of luxury.  Adorned with the unique architecture from the Royal Crescent and even the world famous Roman baths, Bath is not only memorable but unique. It has its own signature and boasts for being the most visited tourist destinations in the UK. Going with a Bath hen weekend makes it much more memorable. You will savor the touch of the Georgian and Roman streets as your feet grace the pavement and enjoy an incredibly special weekend on one of the UK’S most historic locations.

If your girls need a city that’s packed with charm, love, life, and vintage, there is always something a little more than the usual in Bath. They will get endless options to explore and will enjoy the best combination of party and relaxation. With five theatres that are renowned for the best performing arts culture, Bath is a scene you’ll definitely want to try. Food is a big deal in bath. With tons of exquisite restaurants servicing the entire city, your needs will be fully catered for as you catch a production or even a show. So come down to Bath and enjoy the great tapas dishes and plenty of nightspots. Waltz down for your hen night, let down your hair, and catch a breeze that’s full of the best historic moments to relive. Here is a heads up. Whether you want to relax, party, or explore, you can always make your time in bath memorable with an extravagant hen do!

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