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Like Cambridge, Oxford is another great city with the best educational heritage. The city has some of the oldest buildings in the UK with marvelous designs and historical architecture. Also known as the “City of Dreaming Spires,” Oxford will give you and the stags a chance to marvel at the best buildings in UK. You will have the chance to learn how building designs have evolved over time and how the modern designs reflect the past improvements. For a stag-do, this will be a great destination too. You’ll have close to 1,500 buildings that follow through the British architectural milestones.


The city is also known for its academic prowess with many of the world’s leading intellectuals having gone through this system. Nonetheless, the town isn’t as boring as you may think. It boasts of some of the oldest wineries, cocktail making events, and classic bars and clubs. The town’s appearance also has the enchanted fairy-tale touch that takes right through the best Disney World blockbusters. This is what makes Oxford unique, apart from its common stifling lecture halls. Its fair share of nightlife will blow you and the lads away as you get a taste of the best cocktails.


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