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Without visiting Norwich for your stag-do weekend, you’ll have missed out on some of the best stag-do experiences. Norwich has plenty of stag-do activities. It is best for a group of stags that have the all-round thrill for life. The destination has the best lofts, secret stag venues, and the best restaurant settings for a large group of stags. During the day, you’ll enjoy an array of activities including the best sightseeing experiences, bus tour, go-karting, and gin tasting events. You will learn how to make a classic cocktail too, more importantly, you’ll learn how to shake things up a bit with cool retro sporting fun.


In addition to that, Norwich also offers a touch of the best plantation gardens and natural parks for an epic outdoor experience. The thrill never stops and so is the cool ambiance of the sophisticated clubs and pubs when the night falls. If you are looking for a tranquil environment with a safe-haven from the hustles and bustles of the city life, Norwich is the place to be. 


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Good for:

  • Relaxation bars and restaurants
  • Outdoor ambiance and parks
  • Special cocktails for stag-do parties