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With its cool beaches and sea-fronts, Newquay takes the trophy home for the best stag-do destination for surfers. It is a place with endless horizons to explore and one that puts you in the best rhythm for a stag-do weekend. The best trick to enjoy every moment in Newquay is to loosen up, grab a surfing board, and wait for the next big wave. Made up of some of the best beaches, Newquay gives surfers the best route to a fun-filled stag-do weekend. It is awesome for new revelers and also seasoned gamers. 

The city has several surfing schools and you won’t have a hard time grabbing a set for you and the lads. While over five million people are said to go down there to surf annually, you and the boy’s will hardly experience any traffic. Thanks to the numerous beaches and the best guides that we’ll give you. So, choose to get a few surfing lessons with the lads while you’ll be getting a taste of the best wines, cocktails, and English cuisines along the beach. Go to Newquay if you are looking for the best jet-ski and surfing sessions along the Fristral Beach.

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