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If you can’t go to Edinburgh at least take the lads to London. Why do we say that? London may not be Europe’s main cultural city, but it is the place for the ultimate stag-do experience. The city is like no other. It’ll offer you and the lads a chance to ride through the fast-paced metropolis and the capital city of the UK. More importantly, you will get the chance to enjoy luxury, infamous cuisines, epic landmarks, and above all, the best modern bar designs. From winter based bar themes, antique masterpieces, to classical contemporary designs, London is the place for a priceless experience on a stag-do experience. 

It is the hub of the UK’s economy and as such the home of any type of experience that you will be yearning for. For a sightseeing stag-group, London epitomizes high profile entertainment joints, incomparable nightlife experience, and the highest number of outdoor activities. London’s treasures are hard to wrap up and you will never enjoy all of them in a single weekend. Even so, you can always come back to get a new taste of life with the sprawling celebrities.

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