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For those looking for a more laid back stag do, Bath will get you in the spirit. It is the perfect historical town for the antique lovers. The town has some of the most decorated cultural sites. It offers a luxurious stag-do weekend with its outdoor spaces too. Bath has unique architecture that you’ll enjoy viewing, from the historic Royal Crescent you’ll have many other world-famous designs to explore with your lads. Bath is memorable, unique, and historic by any measures. It is one of those signature towns that boasts the highest numbers in tourist destinations all year long.

Choosing Bath for a stag-do weekend is even better. You’ll savor Georgian and Roman streets that grace the pavements along the city walk and take memorable detours along the numerous historic locations that this town offers its stags. So if you are looking for a versatile city that’s packed with the best bars, love, life, charm, and vintage decor, Bath is the place for you. There is something for everyone when it comes to Bath, from top party combinations to relaxation joints you won’t be disappointed. With over five renowned theatres you will also enjoy some of the best performing arts pieces when you come to Bath.

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  • Charm packed streets
  • Relaxing nightspots
  • Performance arts
  • Best scenic views