Glow Sports

You will glow as you play. That’s the catch with glow sports. Glow sports are for the lads who are yearning to relive their best school days. The event can be booked for as little as £50. However, you will have tons of activities and games to enjoy. While the games will involve the ones that you played back in your school days, there will be a twist to every one of them. From each single competition to the next, there will be a guarantee of a fun-filled event
– no need for good luck since it’s all about your creativity.

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Why Us

Glow sport is the bomb. The scheduled events will be kept secret until the Stag-Do day. You’ll have the chance to break the ice with others and also make some cool new friends. Our games are tailored to trigger the competitive spirit in you and also to sharpen your skills. You’ll have the chance to acquire so much more, including better communication skills. Glow Sports is always a joy to play, it comes with several regular sporting games with a twist that gives them that extra spark.

What to Expect

  • Regular games with new twists 
  • Super fun throughout the day
  • Smooth bonding time
  • New tricks for cool camps

Having been the people’s favorite national institution in the ’90s, The Crystal Maze has one of the largest groups of followers. Thanks to its numerous fun challenges and the nail-biting ending, it is an epic activity that marks the best of every stag weekend.

For the groups seeking something out of the ordinary with a throwback twist, the Crystal Maze Experience is the way to go. The originality of Richard O’Brien in the crystal maze, as presented by our own host, will blow you away.