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Dublin Hen Do Guide

For a buzzing city with loads of things to indulge in, Dublin epitomizes your needs. The city, which is just a short flight away from the UK, will give you the best hen-do experience without being super expensive. It is always a popular destination for the best hen parties that we have handled before. Thanks to the friendly Irish culture the girls will find it to be quite welcoming. 

So what does it have to offer? Well, the city is full of people looking for a good time.  It’s a city with the ultimate hen party playground and once you land in there, you can never go wrong. As opposed to other cities that you will find, Dublin has the center stage where the real fun goes down; the hub of Temple Bar. It is the city’s main drinking and partying center and a must-see location for new revelers. 

Arguably one of the best bar crawls that you’ll find in the world, Temple Bar is an awesome street with many authentic watering holes that are decked in traditional décor. This amazing crawl gives you the most pub options to choose from. You can go and watch the most amazing musicians playing their instruments, signature cocktails, or open end bars. Just remember to order the minimum pint as Dublin’s about the only place around the world that it gets poured properly.

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