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Delicious seafood delicacies

Classic cocktail classes

Choreographed dancing routines

No-limit shopping experience

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Blackpool Hen Do Guide

Do you want a nude life drawing experience? Blackpool offers that and much more. Known as one of the most popular hen destinations in the UK, Blackpool gives you the most memorable moments for your hen do. It is a dream-come-true for anyone who is looking for the utmost pleasure beach rides and sandy beaches in the UK. A hen day in Blackpool is the perfect package for any seaside hen. It is best for beach ball, sunbathing, and sandy runs. The streets have a little touch of vintage with a fanciful charm to them. It is super cool for the people who love a little adventure and those who seek to explore the modern allures of the city life. The seafood is amazing and so are the streets that are decorated with outdoor eateries. 

The city has forever been seen as the seaside charm of the UK with a tongue-in-cheek nightlife and of course the picturesque architect to savor. Its Pleasure Beach’s rollercoasters mean that visitors have been flocking to this historic Lancashire, seaside town for decades.  If you’re interested in partying on an antique old-school hen do for a quintessentially British weekend, then a Blackpool hen weekend gives you the perfect choice. It is time to choose Blackpool and experience the thrill of the infamous Golden Mile!

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Good for:

  • Sandy beaches 
  • Sunbathing
  • Outdoor eateries
  • Picturesque architect